$16.00 USD

A classic comfort food for all ages - with a little something extra! Our recipe for creamy, cheesy goodness and smoked pork butt, enveloping noodles is a dinnertime delight!  Perfect as a main course or a side!

A small meal weighs approximately 20 oz and is packaged in an 8 inch round foil container. A large meal weighs approximately 30 oz and is packaged in a nine inch round foil container.

Ingredients: macaroni, smoked pork butt, chicken stock (chicken stock, carrot juice concentrate, sea salt, yeast extract, onion juice concentrate, onion powder, potato flour, garlic powder, tomato paste, turmeric, carrot powder, canola oil, spices), cheddar, heavy cream (heavy cream, skim milk), breadcrumbs, flour, parmesan cheese, butter, sea salt, pepper, paprika

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