Your cause deserves a great fundraiser!

Gone are the days of candy bars, wrapping paper and mediocre refrigerated cookie dough. Partnering with Chilled Freezer Meals to raise money for your organization offers your friends and family delicious, convenient frozen meal choices that are made from whole ingredients. These meals are a hit amongst families nationwide!

Here's how it works.

1. We will provide your organization with ordering sheets.

2. Your members will sell our delicious meals to family, friends, neighbors, acquaintances and anyone else who could use a little help in the kitchen! 

2. Your members collect the money for each order and return it to the fundraising leader.

3. When the fundraiser closes, Chilled will collect all orders and prepare the meals.

4. Chilled will deliver the meals within ten business days of order form submission.

5. Chilled will send an invoice for the cost of the meals and recommends a price point creating a 30-35% profit for your organization.

Contact us today to get started!