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Based on 647 reviews
Convenient and yummy

Love this meal. It’s a convenient, healthy and filling lunch. I love that it’s a super easy meal for lunch during the work week. The cauliflower is delicious!

New favorite!

Our new favorite sliders! My family is hoping these become a regular rotation. We ended up placing a second order with two more slider meals because they were so popular with the whole family! The kids requested they also come in sausage.

These are quick, easy and delicious!

Jerk Chicken + Cauli Mac Power Pack
Ashley Mc

This has been one of my favorites from the single serve group!! So much flavor and they cauliflower mixes with the chicken so well!!

Quick and easy.

This was just what I needed to help me avoid junk food after a long day. And delicious!

Great meal!

Had this today. Very good and filling.

🤩🤩🤩 winner!

I am pretty sure I would eat this every darn day if I could. Absolutely the right balance of sweet and spicy!

OH MY! Order...

Don't hesitate to order this power pack...majorly delicious! 10 starts. 100% suggest. So much flavor, and nice and healthy! I will be order more!

Mini Lasagnas
Laura Kurtz

So yummy. We like both the regular and keto versions!!!

LOVE these, wish the large bag was resealable

These are GREAT. I like all the flavors but vanilla is my favorite. The small size is nice because the container they come in is resealable, which is just dang convenient in the fridge, and the large container is a bag so once its open I have to put them into another container.


I have one

Chilled Insulated Tote
Bonnie Timmerman
thank you

this CHILLED business is organized, love it.....

Pork Butt Mac & Cheese
Nicole Funke

The whole family enjoyed this meal!! 😍

Mini Lasagnas
Emily C.
Love them!

I have ordered the conventional mini lasagnas several times. I love them! They are a great option during the work day (currently working from home).

January Single Serve Soup Pack
Sue Brennan

We have really enjoyed the soups. The are very tasty and a perfect serving size. We will definitely be ordering soups again.

Bundle Review

We loved the BBQ Cheddar meatloaves and Parmesan meatball bake. We also really liked the mini lasagna. We thought the Tuscan chicken bake was ok but probably wouldn’t want it again. The breakfast burritos are the menu for tomorrow morning.


These are delicious and a quick, healthy lunch. I will definitely get these again!

Three Little Pigs Breakfast Burritos
Valerie Kies

Great quick breakfast!

A perfect lunch

This was delicious and very satisfying! Just the right amount of spiciness, and a great balance of chicken to sweet potatoes. This is going right back on my list for next month.

Not just for families

While chilled meals may be geared towards the busy family I jumped on them because cooking for one can be just as hard! I get my meal plus leftovers and not a bunch of grocies going to waste. Life changer!

Darn Good Chili
Bonnie Hansen
Just right

This is a great soup and spices are just right

Sprinkled Confections Cinnamon Rolls
Bonnie Hansen
Great weekend breakfast


Tater Tot Breakfast Bake
Bonnie Hansen

These are a great breakfast item


I love these!! I was super surprised to see anchovies as an ingredient

Quick, delicious breakfast

My kids (and I) all loved these! It’s a quick, filling and delicious breakfast for all of us.