It is day 4329 of feeding my children three meals a day and I am ov👏🏻er👏🏻it👏🏻.

(Who am I kidding. We’ve had pleeeenty of “fend for yourself” days.)

I’m pretty much over fighting, so if we can eliminate fighting about food, that’s a thank you and an amen.

Last night, I packed lunches for dinner. I put them in the fridge and said eat when you’re hungry. And they did! They ate all the foods and I heard no complaints. 😲

So I did it again for lunch today. This took me exactly seven minutes and thirty two seconds and would have taken less if I had the veggies pre-chopped. I'm sticking to what I know they like while including all the food groups. 🍗🍎🥕🍞

This is my new game plan. Of course we will still have family dinners, but this will help on the days when I just can't. 😩 How's the food situation at your house?

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