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Hey Y O U

If you’re new here, you may have some questions. We’re always up for a chat in messages, but we also thought a little Chilled 101 was in order.

We're giving you all the details and inside scoop about ordering and other important Chilled information.

How To Get Meals

We are proud to serve people all across the country each month and help them make meal time less stressful.

On the first of every month, we release a new menu of 15-18 meal options along with seasonings, snacks, and desserts.

So let’s start here: to ensure you see the most accurate options for your area, enter the delivery zip code at the top of our website. This is a super important step to ensure you don’t fill your cart and then get an error message at checkout. 

Local to Eastern Iowa+Des Moines?

Order for local  P I C K  U P   or   D E L I V E R Y.

We offer local home delivery to a 55 mile radius of Center Point as well as to the Dubuque and Des Moines metro areas. Most areas have two dates a month to choose from - you’ll see these by entering your zip code at checkout. On delivery day, we’ll send you a reminder email in the morning and our driver will text you once your order has arrived.

Customers can also pick up in-store in Center Point or at our monthly pick up spot that rotates between DeWitt and Long Grove. You’ll find these options listed under Pick Up at checkout.

Live outside our local area?

Order for  S H I P M E N T.

We ship to all of the lower 48 states every Monday after the 5th of the month. In order for your meals to ship on Monday, make sure your order is in by Friday at 11:59 pm. Sometimes we’re able to squeeze in weekend orders if we have enough items in stock.

We ship all orders using dry ice, so be prepared to open your box with gloves just in case some is left over. It’s totally normal for all the dry ice to be gone as it dissipates over time. Your meals should arrive to you fully frozen, although some slight thawing is normal and okay to refreeze.

Sometimes weird things happen with packages, so be sure to choose shipping protection at checkout. If anything goes wrong with your order, we’ll happily issue a refund or send you a new one for those who purchase shipping protection.

Questions? Just send us a message!

Staples + Favorites

When we first started this little business, we learned really quickly what our people wanted all the time, so we added staple meals!

Always on the menu:
mini lasagna
BBQ cheddar meatloaves
parmesan meatball bake
Tuscan chicken pasta
breakfast burritos
smoothie packs

We also feature a rotating menu of staple favorites that changes every four months. Coming up for the fall, you’ll see a chili option along with another customer favorite: bacon chicken ranch bake.

If you have a favorite meal that’s not in our staple list, we recommend you stock up! With a recipe arsenal containing over 150 meals, most options don’t come back for another three or four months.

We’re always up for suggestions, so if you want something you haven’t seen in awhile, send us a message! We also take custom orders of meals in quantities of ten or more. Feel free to reach out on that too.

Meal Sizes

Our meals come in two sizes - small and large. Typically, a small meal contains 20 ounces of food and a large contains thirty ounces.

In our experience, the small meal feeds 3-4 people and a large serves 5-6. Some meals are good to go on their own while others are best when you add side dishes. We include a cheat sheet with every order to give you some ideas for sides in case you get stuck on this… because I sure do!

Some meals like our breakfast burritos and meatloaves come in count sizes, and they are great for taking just what you need out of the freezer.

We also offer a few single serve options for those who aren’t feeding an army. Our single serve soup pack and quick packs both include meals that can go from the freezer to the microwave, and our single serve variety pack includes items ready for the oven or toaster oven.


Not only do we have meals available, we’ve got a wide variety of options to make your time in the kitchen simple and efficient. These items are always on the menu, so you’ll see them every month!

Our garlic cream sauce and garlic+herb butter both make excellent pasta sauces, toppings for veggies or proteins from the grill, or as a dipping sauce for breadsticks or cheese bread. Packaged in eight and twelve ounce containers, they’re a great staple to have in the freezer.

We got tired real quick of all the additives in the seasoning mixes we were buying, so we started making our own in the Chilled kitchen. Taco seasoning, onion soup mix, ranch dressing mix, everything seasoning, and cajun seasoning can help you spice up dinner, and bonus! They are all naturally gluten free.

N O  N O L A
We get the most questions about this product - like, what is it? Our no nola is a grain free, low carb alternative to granola. It’s made with nuts and seeds and sweetened slightly with applesauce. Available in four flavors, it’s delicious as a yogurt topping or eat it like cereal.

P R O T E I N  C U B E S
Have a sweet tooth but also want to stay on the healthy side of things? Our Chilled protein cubes might be just the ticket! Made with nuts, dates, and healthy fats, they are a great snack when you need just a little something.

Each month we feature a new flavor of our cheesecake cups. These little treats are just the perfect size for one, and they come in both a conventional and keto flavor.


One of the great things about Chilled is that you can purchase any number of meals you’d like each month with no ongoing commitment. You can try just one or two to see if they fit into your family’s flow or stock up all at once when you know you’re entering a busy season.

If you’ve given us a try and you think our meals are something you’d like to have in your weekly routine, membership might be for you!

In membership, you receive seven monthly meals of your choice with options to pick up, have your order delivered, or have it shipped to your home. Pro-tip: you don’t have to use your membership just for meals. Feel free to mix and match anything on our site.

As a member, you’ll also receive a discount over retail prices, a free meal during your birthday month, and access to secret menu.

If you’re interested in learning more, you can check it out here:


And, as always, if you have questions, just send us a message!